I feel busy, oh so busy…

I’ve been whingeing about deadlines on Twitter, so I thought I’d take a moment and catch you up on what I’m doing.

First up, I’m turning in a chapter every Thursday on the second edition of the book. That goes until mid-April.

Because all my fiction projects turn into novels, I’m taking a short story class, taught by Mary Robinette Kowal in Google Hangout every Wednesday evening. There is homework, which is theoretically due Saturday nights, but in practice almost everyone posts on Sundays. The class ends the first week of February.

Note that the class happens the night before my chapter is due.┬áIt is flat-out insane to be doing this at the same time as the book revisions, but that’s how the schedule fell out.

For added fun, the child is getting his molars, and is waking up screaming two or three times a night.

I have two client projects that must be done by February 1. There are two others I’d like to wrap up by then, because I have a slew of new ones ready to start. I have also just received a large project from an existing client that has a mid-March deadline, with weekly milestones.

Other writing dates that were set before the second edition’s schedule: my writing retreat weekend last week; my in-person writing group doing a Novel in 90 round starting April 1, for which I need to do research reading beforehand; and my online writing group retreat sometime this spring.

So, when I joked last night that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries would be my post-deadline treat in May, I wasn’t kidding. You might not hear much from me until then.

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