Beginning WordPress 3, second edition: now known as WordPress for Web Developers

I have signed with Apress to write a second edition of Beginning WordPress 3, scheduled for publication this summer. It’s getting a new title, tentatively WordPress for Web Developers. Why? A lot of the feedback on the first edition went like this:

“Hey, this is a great book, but I thought it was for beginners!” — developers


“I thought this was a beginner book. What’s all this code doing in here?” — end users

I was always very clear about the kind of book I was writing, but Apress really wanted a WordPress book for its Beginning… line, and the resulting mismatch dissatisfied pretty much everyone. A new title was the first thing I asked for, and I’m delighted that the editorial board agreed.

There will be other changes: some reorganizing, a new example site, and, of course, updates for WordPress 3.6.

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