Content Strategy for WordPress

Content Strategy for WordPressContent strategy is a plan for creating and maintaining web content that supports your organization’s goals. Creating modular, reusable content is the only way to keep up with all the different ways your users are consuming content—but how do you do that when you’re looking at a big blob of stuff in your page’s visual editor?

Content Strategy, WordPress Tactics

In this book, you’ll learn how to implement a complete content strategy in WordPress:

  • evaluating your site with a content audit
  • content modeling to create structured content
  • providing context-aware content like related posts and contextual sidebars
  • rearranging content for mobile layouts
  • creating a better authoring experience, with clutter-free editing screens, inline help, and a style guide right in the dashboard
  • workflows and email notifications
  • sharing data with RSS feeds and a REST API
  • …and more
New book: Content Strategy for WordPress, coming in early 2015
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