Content Strategy for WordPress

New book: Content Strategy for WordPress, coming in November
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Are you familiar with the basics of content strategy, but puzzled when it comes to applying the concepts to your WordPress site? Or perhaps you’re worried that WordPress content can’t be sophisticated enough for the site you need, and you think you need to choose another content management system.

You know that creating modular, reusable content is ideal—but how do you do that when you’re looking at a big blob of stuff in your page’s visual editor?

You can implement a complete content strategy in WordPress. But it’s not immediately obvious how to get there when you’re looking at the Dashboard screens. It’s going to take a few plugins—or some code of your own, if you’re up for that.

This book will show you how to create modular, reusable, sustainable content. It demonstrates a complete content strategy for WordPress:

  • evaluating and analyzing content
  • content audit
  • content modeling
  • content templates
  • style guides
  • workflows
  • …and more

Content Strategy for WordPress will be available in November. Sign up to be notified when it’s out.