Convert Post Types

Convert Post Types options

This is a utility for converting lots of posts or pages to a custom post type (or vice versa). You can limit the conversion to posts in a single category or children of specific page. You can also assign new taxonomy terms, which will be added to the posts’ existing terms.

This plugin is useful for converting many posts at once. If you’d rather do one at a time, use Post Type Switcher instead.

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Convert Post Types options

11 thoughts on “Convert Post Types

  1. JPV

    Is there an equivalent plugin to convert categories/tags into a custom taxonomy? I can’t find one anywhere, or even a code solution.

    Without such a plugin, and without custom taxonomy filtering on the view posts admin page, custom taxonomies seem kind of DOA.

  2. JPV

    Is this a hard plugin to develop?

    I’ve tried to manual route, but I’m hitting a wall:

    If I manually change the “taxonomy” field of a given record in the wp_term_taxonomy table – from category to, say, people, a custom taxonomy – all posts under that (former) category reflect the update. If you try to edit a post that used to have that category, the custom taxonomy meta-boxes display the right term. (I haven’t tried writing a custom loop to see if the posts would display on the site, so I don’t know if that works.)

    The problem is that if you go to the custom taxonomy page (the equivalent of the “category” or “post tags” page under posts,) none of the terms show up in the table at the right. If you SEARCH for them, though, they do show up.

    Is there some other file or table that has to be edited for them to display correctly?

    • Stephanie

      It wouldn’t be too hard, no. I could probably add it to this one, but it might take me a few days, since I have some other commitments first.

      I think the problem with updating the db manually is that the post cache doesn’t get changed. (See update_post_caches().) I need to make sure I’m doing that when I change the post types, too.

  3. JPV

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to update the post cache and trying to make sense of the update_post_cashes() page you sent me too. I’m pretty stumped.

    I don’t want to bug you more than I already have, but is there a way to get this to work?

    It would solve about 10 other problems I’m having with my site (

  4. JPV

    Hi Stephanie,

    Still haven’t had any luck with this, or with decyphering your last message. I know you must be busy, but I would be eternally grateful for a bit more guidance on this.

    I understand if you can’t spare the time.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matthew

      JPV – you can kinf of use this plugin to convert categories to taxonomies as it is now. It doesnt convert as such – it will add the taxonomy you want to the category you want, so you’ll still have the original category and the new taxonomy.

      First set up the taxonomies you want. Then select convert from ‘post’ and convert to ‘post’ so that it doesnt actually convert anything. Then select the category you want to convert from the ‘limit posts to category’ list, and then select the taxonomy you want from ‘assign taxonomy terms’ et voila! You may want to back up db and do a test first, but it worked for me.

  5. First off, thanks for this fantastic plugin, it has saved me hours of time!

    I seem to be having an issue that I cannot find any information about. I have 4 pages that I’m converting to a custom post type, and when I run the tool, only 1 of those 4 pages gets converted. When I try and run it a second time, none of the 3 remaining pages are moved.

    Has anyone else had similar issues, or any idea of why this could be happening?


  6. Dr. Vibe

    Good day. I hope that all is fine.

    I am in the process of converting my site to the platform. At the present time, I have over 1600 posts on my site. In the conversion to the platform, I am going to be changing the categories for each of these posts.

    In doing research on finding an easy way to do this, I have looked at your “Convert Post Types” plugin to do this.

    Unfortunately, I am not the most technically inclined when it comes to web development.

    I have two favors to ask. First, I would like to know if “Convert Post Types” has the capability of changing the categories of my posts. Second, if this is possible, I would like to know what steps are required to do this.

    I look forward to your response at our earliest convenience. Thanks for your time and consideration. It is appreciated and not taken for granted.

    Be well,

    Dr. Vibe

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