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Whisper — a quiet content management system

Absurdly simple breadcrumbs

Simple PHP breadcrumbs built from the URL. The linked text will be the capitalized directory name by default (e.g. /code → “Code”), but you may specify replacements (e.g. /admin → “Administration”). First released January 8, 2004. Last updated February 24, 2004. Details & download »


Word count

Adds a live-updating word count to each textarea in a document. Respects textareas with initial values. Optionally ignores HTML as long as the tags are closed — that is, as you type a tag, the count will increment, but when you add the closing bracket, the script will recognize the tag and decrement the count. Works in all browsers except IE (for now). (Tips on working around IE’s craptastic event handling are welcome.) Demo & download »

Track changes

Given a document containing and elements (including Word files with tracked changes saved as HTML), provides a toggle to highlight changes. The manner of the hightlighting is determined by CSS; the given styles emulate the old-school Word track changes look (i.e. inserted text in red, deleted text struck through). Demo & download »

Expression Engine

Word count extension

Adds a live-updating word count to each textarea in the Publish screen. Optionally ignores HTML as long as the tags are closed. Preview (not yet IE-compatible) released January 1, 2007. Download v.0.0.9 » (Note: I’m no longer working with Expression Engine, at least for now, so any updates will be made only to the word count JavaScript above. So far there haven’t been any. If the plugin code stops working due to changes in EE, I probably won’t be able to fix it.)

Ubiquity Commands


The mooch command searches BookMooch for selected text on a page (or whatever you type in). If you’re using Ubiquity, you can now add the command to your installation.


All code is released under the Slayer Code of Ethics: “Want. Take. Have.” In other words, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Fly free, little code.