Speaking at BEA Bloggers Conference, May 29

I’m delighted to be going to New York City in May to speak at the BookExpo America Bloggers Conference. I’ll be on the Blogging Platforms panel, talking about how book bloggers can make the most of WordPress.

Plus I’ll be, you know, wandering around BEA for three days! I’m so excited.

(I’m also looking for a roommate, so if we’re acquainted and you’re going to BEA, please drop me a line!)

Saying goodbye to Textile

I came to WordPress after using TextPattern for a while, and when I switched, I didn’t want to give up Textile formatting, so I found a plugin and kept using it.

That was six years ago. These days I do a lot more code samples, and trying to get characters escaped properly is becoming more and more difficult. Also, a lot of commenters have overlooked the little “Textile formatting is in effect!” message in the comment form, and their stuff has gotten screwed up six ways from Sunday.

So, with regret, I’ve just converted all the posts and comments back to regular HTML. I expect to find broken things for a while. If you notice something that doesn’t look right, please leave a comment, and I will fetch an older revision out of the database.

moving the furniture

If you follow me on RSS or LiveJournal, you probably just saw a flood of new posts. Sorry about that! When I started wordpress-as-cms.com last summer, I meant it to be a place where I could write about all my geeky technical WordPress stuff without boring you all here. But, since I’ve written so many plugins, and because my WordPress book is coming out soon, it made less and less sense to separate the two.

So, I just imported a bunch of stuff, and I’m now cleaning it up (the code from those posts really doesn’t play nicely with Textile, which might force me to abandon it at last, as much as I love it), and in a little while I’ll shut down the other site and redirect everything here.

Sorry about the mess.

New WordPress plugin: Import HTML Pages

This plugin will import a directory of files as either pages or posts, according to configurable settings. You may specify the HTML tag containing the content you want to import (e.g. <body>, <div id=”content”> or <td width=”732″>) or the name of a Dreamweaver template region (e.g. “Main Content”).

If importing pages, the directory hierarchy will be preserved. Directories containing the specified file types will be imported as empty parent pages. Directories that do not contain the specified file types will be ignored.

As files are imported, the resulting IDs, permalinks, and titles will be displayed. On completion, the importer will provide a list of Apache redirects that can be used in your .htaccess file to seamlessly transfer visitors from the old file locations to the new WordPress posts or pages.


  • import pages or posts
  • specify content and title as HTML tags or Dreamweaver template regions
  • remove a common phrase (such as the site name) from imported titles
  • specify file extensions to import (e.g. html, htm, php)
  • specify directories to exclude (e.g. images, css)
  • if importing pages, specify whether your top-level files should become top-level pages or children of an existing page
  • choose status, author, and timestamp
  • use meta descriptions as excerpts

Requires PHP 5.

More screenshots and download info

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Results: imported pages and rewrite rules
Results: imported pages and rewrite rules

New WordPress plugin: Recent Posts with Excerpts widget

I’ve written a widget that lists your most recent posts with excerpts, optionally limited to a category. The number of posts and excerpts is configurable; for example, you could show five posts but include the excerpt for only the most recent. Supports The Excerpt Reloaded and Advanced Excerpt.

This should be useful for people working with magazine layouts.

I actually released it yesterday, then updated it today with the category option. Must step away from the keyboard once in a while….

Download at wordpress.org »

Recent Posts with Excerpt widget control screenshotRecent Posts with Excerpts widget output